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New Highlight Sale, All Field of Glory Starter Armies!!!

5/30/23- We have started a new highlight sale. All starter armies in our Field of Glory Army packs categories will be 10% off through June 12th at which time a new sale will begin. Also, don't forget that the sale can be used in conjunction with the bulk discount codes found at the bottom of our homepage.

New ACW Packs Available!!!

3/1/23- We have some new packs available for our Old Glory American Civil War Line. They are regimental packs of the 79th New York Highlanders for the Union and the Louisiana Tigers for the Confederates. The 79th New York is a single pack of twenty four figures, while the Louisiana Tigers have three options: twenty four count packs of Tigers in Fez/Stocking Cap and Tigers in Straw Hats plus a forty eight count pack of Tigers in Fez and Straw Hat together. All of these packs are available with the current highlight sale as well. See the links above or check out the New Items section for more details.


New Line, British for the French Revolution!!!

12/19/22- We have several new packs that has allowed us to create a new Napoleonic Wars line. The new packs are for the British from 1794-1800. Please see the New Items section for pack listings, pack details and prices.

New Line, 15mm World War I!!!

11/11/22- On this Veterans day we would like to announce the release of our brand new World War I line. To begin the release we have a full range of 1914 British & Germans with other nationalities to follow. All packs are $11.00 and contain 24 count infantry packs, 8 count cavalry packs as well as machine gun and artillery packs. See the links in the New Items section for pictures and additional details.

New Army Starter Packs Available!!!

11/5/22- We have several new starter packs available now for The American Revolution, Mexican-American War and Franco-Prussian War. These are great packs that provide all the basics you need to get into a new period. Please check out the New Items section for additional details. These join the packs already available in our American Civil War, Napoleonic Wars and Seven Years War lines.

New French Revolution Packs Available!!!

10/7/22- We have two brand new packs available in our Napoleonic French Revolution Line. They are Ragged French Infantry with Backpacks & Ragged French Infantry with Blanket Rolls. Please click on the links for each to see pictures and additional details.

New Napoleonic Packs Available!!!

9/30/22- We are proud to announce three new packs for our Old Glory Napoleonic lines. These new packs are the French 1st Regiment Éclaireurs of the Guard, 2nd Regiment Éclaireurs of the Guard and the 3rd Regiment Éclaireurs of the Guard. Please see each packs page for additional details and a more detailed picture of each.

New Bulk Bases Packs Available!!!

6/3/22- We are proud to announce the release of new bulk packs of bases. You can find them in the new Bulk Bases section of our website. They contain either 96 or 72 bases per pack and are just $21.00 each.


Discount Codes:

For orders between $100-$399 enter coupon code Large100 to receive 20% off of the total of your order. 

For orders of $400 and above enter coupon code Large400 to receive 40% off of the total of your order.